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Populism – Past and Future

Once confined to specific corners of the world and largely ignored, the 21st century has seen a revival of populism in politics. But where is it headed? Continue reading

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Tahrir of India

As I walk back home, I see children selling flowers, books, toys and other articles, getting wet while people relax in their chauffeur driven SUVs after a day’s work. I wonder what stops them from breaking the glass and screaming … Continue reading

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Midnight Post

Landlord in Kota: What is your caste?S: We are untouchables. Should we vacate the room? (S btw is a Brahmin)X: No it is fine. But you should know your history.Me: We have been alive for only 15 years there is … Continue reading

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Pearl Square

Protesters shot at point blank. Tanks, helicopter gunships, foreign troops…5 protesters dead. Cries of genocide and a state of emergency declared. Where is the no-fly zone? Where is the voice condemning the Khalifa and the House of Saud? May the … Continue reading

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Let Freedom Reign

Marx believed that the most significant social change occurs through outright violence. A government derives its power from its monopoly over the use of force. Once the threat of violence by a government tips over into the actual use of … Continue reading

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Notes on Ayodhya

I was aghast when I heard the verdict more so that people were welcoming it. Chopra and Deepti were at the receiving end of my rant on the day. But, finally the objections to the Lucknow High Court’s verdict have … Continue reading

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New Year’s Post

“The best government is one that governs the least” (Thoreau) is a principle that most people realize sooner or later rendering their respective governments useless. Kings have known this for a long time and hence expansion of borders and extolling … Continue reading

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Obamaman the Hypocrite

Obamaman is taking hypocracy to US soverign debt levels. He wages 2 wars and declares himself the Commander-in-Chief of the greatest army on the face of the world – and accepts the Nobel Peace prize. Pulled out the army from … Continue reading

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Leaders and Democracy

A piece written by a friend recently pulled me into thinking about leaders and how they shape history. Obviously, the discussion started with Hitler and ended with Gandhi. Hitler attained demi-god status in Germany combining a potent mix of socio-economic … Continue reading

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