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Why RBI needs to tap insurance, pension funds for infra finance and not go for long term finance banks

Since the Reserve Bank of India released its discussion paper on Wholesale and Long-Term Finance Banks (WLTF), much ink has been spilt over how it is much needed or how it has been tried before with ICICI, IDBI, IDFC etc. … Continue reading

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RBI’s Demonetisation Cross

CThe sequence of events leading to the demonetisation move are becoming more convoluted as more information is revealed. At this point, it is starting to resemble a comedy of errors at best and an insidious plot at worst. We attempt … Continue reading

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Calling for a Head

We will state our baseline assumption first; the “implementation” of the demonetization exercise, though admittedly an historically unprecedented exercise in its scale and timelines, could still have been far better. We will not get into whether the exercise was justified … Continue reading

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