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Gandhi and Capitalism

Following up from the previous post and the post in reply: Gandhi was in principle against modernization. He chose to reject the West. His vision was in terms of village republics, each as self-sufficient as possible. And somehow factors of … Continue reading

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Leaders and Democracy

A piece written by a friend recently pulled me into thinking about leaders and how they shape history. Obviously, the discussion started with Hitler and ended with Gandhi. Hitler attained demi-god status in Germany combining a potent mix of socio-economic … Continue reading

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Life’s a Bitch

Life is a bitch: Observations Time: Just when I thought I will have loads of free time in office, a deluge of stuff comes up. The timing could not be more perfect. People: I always wanted a gay friend (just … Continue reading

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Champignons a la Tomate

I came home early today so that I could catch up with some sleep after 2 days of Champions League football; ended up cooking mushroom of all things. I haven’t cooked since I burnt my hand and this is the … Continue reading

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