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Mission Raven Tress

After 10 years of insurgency and the installation of a parallel government, I have decided to finally end this axis of dandruff and hair fall that has besieged my head. I have tried diplomacy, even used force (selesun) but both … Continue reading

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Up in Smokes

There is no secret to success. Every successful man will tell you how to achieve it. I haven’t smoked a cigarette in over 6 days now. I should be given a medal for not smoking today in my inebriated state … Continue reading

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Where Did My Bonus Go?

There is nothing about interesting about banking. Simply put, it is a mind numbing job. It is a simple game of flow, doing the same thing over and over again. The only reason people flock to work on Wall Street … Continue reading

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Roy: I am almost done with the ninja report; another hour’s work.AT: So you will be sending it out tonight?Roy: No, I will finish it and then procrastinate the sending till tomorrow.AT: Procrastination is too long a word for what … Continue reading

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